Unions submit joint petition to Ministry of Labor on International Human Rights Day, December 10, 2021

The Cambodian Labor Confederation, together with the Federation of Transport (CTWF), Construction (BWTUC) and Agriculture (CAWF), as well as a number of other sectors, jointly petitioned and issued a joint statement on Human Rights Day. International December 10, the 73rd anniversary of 2021 in front of the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training.

Also on this occasion, Mr. Ath Thorn, President of the Cambodian Labor Union, addressed the Ministry of Labor and the Royal Government to resolve the following seven points:

  1. Request the Ministry to continue to provide workers’ allowances of US $ 40 to workers in the garment and tourism sectors, as well as to expand to other sectors.
  2. Request the Ministry to continue to strengthen and expand the social security system for other vulnerable workers, especially in agriculture, construction and processing handicrafts, including the implementation of the pension system as soon as possible.
  3. Request the Ministry to inspect companies, establishments, enterprises that have laid off workers and did not provide legal benefits, especially the dismissal of union representatives who are protected by law.
  4. Request the Ministry and the Royal Government to include paid national holidays, especially International Human Rights Day (December 10) and the anniversary of the Paris Peace Accords (October 23).
  5. Ask the Ministry to help expedite the resolution of labor disputes of unions that are stuck both inside and outside the court system.
  6. Request the Ministry and the Royal Government to set minimum wage for workers in the construction, tourism and transport services and some other important sectors.
  7. Ask the Ministry and the Royal Government to reduce the price of gasoline and other important goods to ensure the livelihood of workers and people.

Cambodian Labour Confederation established on 09 April of 2006 and registered in No KB/VK on 31 December of 2008 in the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training, is the democratic and independent confederation. Nowadays, CLC has 101278 members from federal members, eight of associations and unions...

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